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Special Pupil Services


Educating Our Students, Through Expectations of Excellence, to Prepare Them for a Lifetime of Success

The Maple Heights Special Pupil Services Department is committed to implementing the District vision by nurturing, educating, and graduating students with disabilities to prepare them for post-secondary education, training, and/or employment. We have high expectations for all children. Following the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), ensure access to the general education curriculum in regular education classrooms to the maximum extent possible, with accommodations and modifications as needed. By differentiating instruction within the classrooms, we can address many student needs. We value the team decision-making process regarding special education identification and placement.

The District’s special education staff is committed to serving our students and their families in the areas of early childhood education; special education; and related services, including speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychological services, transition, and special transportation. The Maple Heights City Schools District provides a continuum of special education programs and services for students with disabilities. 

Our parents are an integral part of the special education process. We value collaboration and communication and look forward to meeting the unique needs of every child. Thank you for sharing your child with us.  We take this responsibility seriously and look forward to providing a productive and meaningful learning experience for our students. 


                          Dr. Meghan Shelby Pic                       

Dr. Meghan Shelby
Special Pupil Services Director

Contact Information

Special Pupil Services
Maple Heights City Schools
5740 Lawn Avenue
Maple Heights, Ohio 44137
Phone: 216-587-6100

Dr. Meghan Shelby
216-587-6100 Ext. 3600

Debbie Szalkowski, Ext. 3601


SPS Staff Directory


Courtney Starr – Special Education Coordinator K-7

Diane Kallos- Special Education Coordinator 8-12

School Psychologists

Jennifer Lewis- Abraham Lincoln

Jenna Direnzo- JFK/Obama

Julie Shuman- Milkovich

Russell West- MHHS

School Counselors

William Rand- Abraham Lincoln

Katie Branscum- JFK

 Stephanie Chandler- Obama

Pam Feldman-Milkovich

Rebecca Zverina- Milkovich

Amber Rahas-MHHS/ Freshman Academy

Vince Sztul-MHHS/Community 2 ABC

Christa Tarorick-MHHS/ECAC

Gretchen Tucker-MHHS/ Community 3 HPS

Social Workers

Megan Schaefer-Student Support Coordinator /Lincoln 

Salina Sutton-Student Support Coordinator /JFK 

Adrienne Parker -Student Support Coordinator /Obama 

Tiesha McEwen-Student Support Coordinator /Milkovich 

Ashley Parish-Student Support Coordinator /MHHS

Speech and Language Pathologists

Michelle Pham-Abraham Lincoln

Michelle MacBride-JFK/Obama

Sasha Barrett-Milkovich

Helga Dimitrov-MHHS

Related Service Providers

Patricia Koehl- Physical Therapist/All Schools

Rebecca Young-Occupational Therapist/Lincoln

Kelsey Kline-Occupational Therapist/JFK and Obama

Elana Tenenbaum-Occupational Therapist/Milkovich/MHHS



District Calendar

Contact Information

Maple Heights City Schools
5740 Lawn Avenue
Maple Heights, Ohio 44137

8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Phone: 216-587-6100
Fax: 216-518-2674