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Gifted means students who perform or show potential for performing at a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience or environment and who are identified under Ohio Revised Code.

The following is a description of Gifted Identification Practices as specified by the Ohio Department of Education.

Ohio Department of Education (ODE) Law Governing Identification of Children Who Are Gifted (CWAG):

Maple Heights City School District Department of Gifted Education Services uses results from The In-View/TerraNova III, which is given every year to second, fourth, and sixth graders. In this process, we examine all subtest scores to determine if a student reaches ODE's criteria for "gifted identification". This law dictates that we identify children who are gifted - CWAG - in the following areas: Cognitive Ability (determined by an I.Q.-like Score - the CSI - Cognitive Skills Index), Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Superior Creative Ability, and/or Superior Ability in Visual & Performing Arts. The law also specifies cut-off scores for "Gifted Identification" and, subsequently, data entry into EMIS - Education Management Information System - the statewide database that stores a variety of information regarding our school children. Test scores from other districts are accepted if the specific test is one of the state-approved tests and has been administered within the last 24 months.

*A note to parents about gifted identification in Visual and Performing Arts:  Every spring, Art and Music teachers can nominate student(s) for these areas of gifted ID.  Parent permission is obtained and the evaluation process is completed.  Parents are also able to nominate their child for gifted identification in these areas. 

The following is a description of our Gifted Identification Practices as specified by Ohio Department of Education. 

Currently, your child’s classroom teacher will meet his/her needs through differentiation methods in the regular classroom setting.

*The Educational Option of Acceleration

Another way we strive to meet the unique needs of our students is by making available the instructional/placement option of acceleration. This can be in the following forms:

  • Early Entrance to Kindergarten
  • Whole-Grade Acceleration
  • Single-Subject Acceleration                     
  • Early High School Graduation

    We have a Board of Education approved process for each of these options. 

Information for Parents, Teachers, Counselors:


For further information about our testing schedule or any other testing questions regarding gifted identification, please contact your child’s building principal or Susan Jaroscak, Director of Instruction and Gifted Education at 587.6100, ext. 3402.


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