W9 "Add New Vendor" Instructions

W9 “Add New Vendor” Instructions

1.    Obtain a W9 from outside vendor

2.    Access RAM from Links on website (see link to right)

        a.    Contact Lori Lesher, Assistant Treasurer to set up RAM account or any questions
                216-587-6100 x3103

3.    Upload vendor W9 into RAM (Manage tab, Documents)
        Step 1 – Choose a Workflow – select W9 “Add new vendor”
        Step 2 – Upload your Document 
        Step 3 – Add Comments/Notes REQUIRED (please add the following into the
         comments / notes section)

        a.       Vendor’s phone number
        b.       Vendor’s fax number
        c.       Vendor’s email address


        a.    You can log in and view the status of your W9 “Add new vendor” at any time
                (view tab)
        b.    Once approved, you will receive an email indicating the vendor number to use for a
                new requisition


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