• School Closings/Delays:

    ´╗┐January 12, 2021

    Dear Maple Heights Families,

    We will begin the 3rd nine weeks by preparing for a hybrid return but start remote.

    This will require us to reconstitute classrooms in each building across the district based on hybrid vs. remote requests by our parents.   Some students will start the 2nd semester, which is the start of the 3rd nine weeks with a new teacher because semester break is the best place for this to occur.  Principals are working to minimize the number of classroom changes for students. You will be notified of class changes prior to January 19th.

    We will begin on January 19th as follows:

    • Students who were attending face to face prior to the November shutdown will return 4 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday). Those student groups include:
      • Pre-School
      • Intensive Needs Students with Disabilities
    • Each school will be adding a face-to-face component for students who are in need of academic support outside of the remote learning classroom.

    We will continue to review Cuyahoga County Board of Health information and data, but we will set the date of February 16th as the goal for beginning the transition into our hybrid learning.

    We will begin as follows:

    • Selected student groups that opted for Hybrid will return on Tuesday, February 16th (notifications will be sent to families). During this transition we will spend two weeks increasing the capacity of hybrid learning.
    • We have set a goal of 100% of those wanting hybrid to return the week of March 1st.

    In this progression, we will be in a position, if everything goes well, to have a full return for those who want it when Spring Break ends, start of the 4th nine weeks (April 6th).   


    Dr. Charles Keenan



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Staff Forms

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Staff Forms


You can complete most of these forms on your own computer. To move from field to field, use the Tab key. You may then print the documents and if desired, save the document templates to your own computer.  Before opening your selected form, please review our  Adobe Forms Guidelines page.



·   High School Referral Form



·   Accident Report (Staff/Employee)

·   Accident Report (Student/Visitor)

·   Administrative Staff – Personal Leave

·   Administrative Staff – Sick Leave

·   Building Permit/Application for Permit to Use School Property

·   Field Trip with Bus Requisition

·   Professional Trip

·   Release Time 

·   Staff Statement

·   Vacation Form



·   Assault Leave Report (appendix 11)

·   Bereavement, Request for Leave (appendix 7)

·   Grievance (appendix 3)

·  Jury Duty Certification (appendix 8)

·   Parental Leave Application (appendix 10)

·   Personal Leave (appendix 9)

·   Physician Certification (appendix 6)

·   Reclassification Request (appendix 13)

·   Tuition Reimbursement Pre-Approval (appendix 14)

·   Voluntary Transfer (appendix 4)



·   Accident Report (appendix 6)

·   Assault Leave (appendix 4)

·   Bereavement (appendix 7)

·   Grievance (appendix 1)

·  Jury Duty (M.O.S.T.)

·   Parental Leave (appendix 8)

·   Personal Leave (appendix 3)

·   Use of Personal Leave Bank (appendix 10)

·   Representative Leave (appendix 5)

·   Sick Leave (appendix 2)

·   Traffic Conviction (appendix 9)


 Treasurer’s Office

·   Please Refer to Purchasing Procedures Link



·   LPDC Information 


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