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Mark Curtis
Director of Data & Technology

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     Sue Stephens, Secretary, Ext. 3701


The district is committed to the improvement of a communications process that provides a mechanism for two-way dialogue with the community.  District-wide Community Connections present information to parents, students, staff and the community, and building newsletters inform families of building-specific programming. 

We are dedicated to filling the website with increased up-to-date content, creating and posting information-rich reports, and relaying important information for district families and the community in a timely manner.  District social media platforms - Facebook and Twitter - add an additional layer and information source for people who want to stay continually engaged in different ways.  Through ParentLink 9, community members and parents have access to news, calendars, sports, messages, directories, a Tip Line, and all of the district's social media (Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, etc.), accessible anytime, anywhere. Parents can login and access to all of the important information relating to their child's education: messages, grades, assignments, attendance, and more. Parents can also set alerts to notify them of grade changes, missed assignments or attendance violations. Parents can also access this information through our web portal.

We are continuing to research the latest in technology and look forward to continually improving district communications and transparency.  Please feel free to ask any questions or provide any comments by e-mailing

Community members, parents, students and staff can now all submit tips to the Maple Heights City School District. The tip line allows users to submit tips anonymously or with contact information via phone, text, website or mobile app so everyone can send a tip in the manner they are comfortable. Call 216-452-0524. All tips are sent to a person selected by the district for quick and appropriate response.


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