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Board of Education

of the Maple Heights City School District

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Message From the Board of Education

The members of the Maple Heights Board of Education are privileged to serve you and the children of this district.  It is our goal to provide the best educational experience to every student in our community.  We are proud of the strong working relationship amongst our team which includes highly educated, professional and experienced administrators, teachers, specialists, and support staff, the Board of Education, and parents.  Each day, we prioritize our decision-making process based on the needs of our students. We expect excellence in all areas of our district to effectively educate the children you have entrusted to us.  Thank you for your continued support and partnership to develop confident, compassionate citizens prepared for a lifetime of success.


The Board of Education

School Board members are elected officials who devote many hours setting policies and planning for your public schools. We serve on the School Board because we care about providing quality education in our community. Popular control of public education is one of the cornerstones of a free society. The people exercise that control through their Board of Education. We appreciate your interest and comments and ask your participation to help us meet that goal.

The Maple Heights Board of Education encourages school staff and community members to attend its meetings.

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Board Policy ACBA, Welcome to MHCS Board of Education Meeting

About the District/History
The Maple Heights City School District is one of 612 school districts in the State of Ohio and one of 31 school districts in Cuyahoga County. The School District provides education to approximately 3,800 students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. Additionally, the School District provides pre-school and other services to its students.

The Maple Heights City School District is located in Northeastern Ohio approximately 13 miles southeast of the City of Cleveland. The Maple Heights City School District encompasses the entire City of Maple Heights. The School District was originally part of Bedford Township. The U.S. Census in 1923, revealed that Maple Heights was populous enough to be legally separated from the County School System and be classified by the State of Ohio as an exempted village school district.

The first Maple Heights Board of Education was organized in 1924 during which, forty-five students began their high school studies in the old town hall. By 1928, school officials recognized the need for a larger high school. Clement which had opened in 1925, was selected to be the site of the high school which opened in 1931. By 1930, the population of Maple Heights had reached 5,950. Four public schools were in operation with an enrollment of 1,188 pupils and a staff of forty teachers. What was once Maple Grove dedicated in 1933, then came to be known as Granger School.


Presently, there are five newer school buildings in the District, one high school (grades 9-12), one middle school (grades 6-8) and three grade-level elementary schools.  The Board of Education and central office staff is currently housed in the former Rockside Elementary School building.

Board Members


5:30 PM
Regular Board of Education Meeting @ Board Room, Administration Building (5740 Lawn Ave., Maple Hts.)



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