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SPS Staff Directory

 SPS Staff Directory 


Courtney Starr – Special Education Coordinator K-7

Diane Kallos- Special Education Coordinator 8-12

Jessica Lyson – Preschool Coordinator

Donald Ciarniello – Job Training Coordinator

Tracy J. Collier – Student Wellness & Success Coordinator

Soniqua Turner– Student Wellness Specialist

Ste-Aira Hatchett – District Behavior Specialist

 School Psychologists 

Jennifer Lewis- Lincoln Elementary

Damien Perry-JFK & Obama Elementary

Mindy Cohen-Milkovich Middle

Russell West- MHHS

 School Counselors 

William Rand- Lincoln Elementary

Katie Branscum- JFK Elementary

 Stephanie Chandler- Obama Elementary

Pam Feldman-Milkovich Middle

Rebecca Zverina- Milkovich Middle

Amber Rahas-MHHS/ Freshman Academy

Vince Sztul-MHHS/Community 2 ABC

Christa Tarorick-MHHS/ECAC

Gretchen Tucker-MHHS/ Community 3 HPS

Student Support Coordinators

Salina Sutton-JFK Elementary

Adrienne Parker-Obama Elementary

Prisca Ngolo-Milkovich MIddle

Tanisha Rouse-MHHS

 Speech and Language Pathologists 

Michelle Pham-Lincoln Elementary

Alexis Clark-Elementary

Lily Schwind-Elementary 

Vanessa Dobo-Milkovich Middle

Helga Dimitrov-MHHS



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Maple Heights City Schools
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Maple Heights, Ohio 44137

8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Phone: 216-587-6100
Fax: 216-518-2674