Models of Excellence

In the Maple Heights City School District, a committee comprised of community members, alums, parents, students, and school personnel developed the Portrait of a Maple Heights Graduate. The Portrait states that a Maple graduate will embody the following six attributes: Emotionally Intelligent, Critical Thinker, Advocate, Communicator, Innovator, and Collaborator. This work led to the development of Models of Excellence, which include strategies, educational activities, and experiences that begin in preschool and build each year so that our students enter the world equipped with the characteristics they need to succeed upon graduation.

Emotionally Intelligent
A Maple graduate is an emotionally intelligent individual with self-awareness and the ability to communicate one's emotions appropriately and empathize with others to overcome challenges and defuse conflict.

A Maple graduate is an advocate who supports positive change in their community by respecting and defending the rights of others, ensuring all voices are heard.

A Maple graduate is an innovator who creates environments for themselves and others that contain the tools and resources to challenge the status quo, push boundaries, and achieve growth.

Critical Thinker
A Maple graduate is a critical thinker who skillfully analyzes, assesses, and reconstructs information with an open mind and considers alternative solutions.

A Maple graduate is a collaborator who actively contributes to and is open-minded in relationships with others to achieve common goals.

A Maple graduate is an effective communicator who listens to others and their ideas with an empathetic ear, writes clearly and with a purpose, and uses their voice to create change.